Each member of our team is professional and trained to provide you with reliable service and expert advice.

About our team

At Frost Crane & Co, each member of our team is professional and trained to provide you with reliable service and expert advice. Find out more about our team members:

Daniel D'Souza

Daniel joined Frost Crane & Co. in August 2015. Daniel completed his degree in commerce in June 2015 at Monash University in Melbourne. He is continuing his professional development and currently undertaking his Chartered Accountant (CA) studies.

Before joining Frost Crane & Co., Daniel worked part time as an accounts assistant while he studied full time. Here he gained experience within the accounting industry and found his passion for business and accounts. Daniel has consistently volunteered as a leader within the Monash Student Association. He set up and managed events to help facilitate the integration of new students into university life. This has developed his interpersonal and professional skills. He applies this to his work environment, as active communication can resolve issues and help reach effective solutions.

As an Associate, Daniel engages with the business and taxation affairs of individuals, super funds, partnerships, estates, trusts and companies. This includes the preparation of tax returns, BAS & FBT returns, maintaining accounts and the financial audit process.

Outside of work Daniel’s interests and hobbies include playing classical and electric guitar, road bike racing and the broader MotoGP, sports, fitness, NRL and socializing with friends.

Accountants area: Workpapers

Workpapers is software that provides you with electronic Workpapers. The benefits of this software are enormous: it automatically checks for errors, it ensures that your staff undertake compliance work to a given assurance level and it eliminates the need for paper worksheets. Workpapers will also drive workflow for your business clients—whether they’re companies, trusts or partnerships— and your superannuation funds. more


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