We can help you manage your superannuation fund, maximising growth and ensuring compliance with legislation & other requirements.


Recent changes to superannuation legislation has meant more flexibility and greater opportunity for everyone to become more actively involved in their long-term superannuation investment. This has led to the growth of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF).

At Frost Crane & Co, we can help you manage your superannuation fund. Our expertise ensures your fund’s compliance with legislative and other challenging requirements. Our experience enables us to provide you with superannuation advice and investment strategies that are geared towards maximising long-term growth.

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How we can help you

Our expertise in managing superannuation funds covers:

  • > Preparation of financial accounts
  • > Reporting to members
  • > Preparation of taxation returns
  • > Completion of audit services
  • > Attending to other statutory matters
  • > Investment strategies

Accountants area: Workpapers

Workpapers is software that provides you with electronic Workpapers. The benefits of this software are enormous: it automatically checks for errors, it ensures that your staff undertake compliance work to a given assurance level and it eliminates the need for paper worksheets. Workpapers will also drive workflow for your business clients—whether they’re companies, trusts or partnerships— and your superannuation funds. more


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